Project updates

February 16, 2017

​ Hello everyone,

               It’s a big day here at Happy Gnome Publishing—we’ve officially opened Anthro-Adventures to public Beta testing! Yes, I know this  should have happened three months ago, and I apologize for not meeting the estimated release date, but I think we have a stronger  product for it.

               As of this morning backers should have received an email from DriveThruRPG with a download link for the World Guide (Beta  version). Currently we have five realms available for testing. The final two should be released in an update on March 1.

               The Beta period will last from today until April 1. During this time we encourage you to learn about the Seven Realms setting, try  out the races, and let us know how your games went. Some specific things were looking for are:

 How balanced are the rules? Did you find something in the racial abilities that has an overwhelming application that we didn’t consider?
 What is your opinion of the societies of each race? DO you have any suggestions for improvement?
 Are the feats/spells worthwhile enough to consider taking? Are they too powerful that they become mandatory?

 In addition, we’d love to hear stories about fun you’re having with Anthro Adventures. If you want to share experiences and comments  with us we have two ways for you to do so. First, you can email us at Or secondly you can leave a  comment on my Facebook Fan page at

               As the public tries out the game, we’re shifting our focus here to the Add-ons, particularly the adventure modules and the Vote-  for-a-race unlock. From now until March 15, I will have a pinned post on my Facebook Fan Page (link above) that will allow everyone to  vote for their favorite choice of any animal not currently featured in the rules. Just stop by, comment with your choice, and your vote will  be included.

               If you have any questions please let me know. Happy Gaming!

January 29, 2017:

 Hello Everyone. There's a lot going on here at Happy Gnome Publishing, particularly on the Anthro-Adventures front. Here's where we  are:

  •  The core Rule book will be completely written by the end of today! It's been tested, re-tested, changed, and re-changed, but we're happy with the rules set and the backgrounds. I feel that each realm has a unique feel, and the races all have a bit of flair. The editors are doing their thing right now and making sure content is vetted, and mistakes and typos are weeded out. I'm hoping to have an advanced digital copy loaded up to DriveThru RPG by the 15th of February. At that point we'll order the first hardcover proof and scour it for issues while the public can play and test out the rules, and offer us feedback on things that aren't working right. 

  •  The Adventure modules are nearing completion as well. We took a step back with them, moving the start of the campaign from level three to level one, and giving it a more unifying main arc. The campign is not titled "Agents of A.A.R.F". In it you play an adventurer resonding to an oen call to apply for a job with the Canine Kingdom's elite covert ops unit, the Arcane Artifact Recovery Force (A.A.R.F).  As an apology for the delays we've had, we'll be providing all backers with the first three chapters of the campaign, instead of the two we had promised. Here are the descriptions:

    • Part 1, The Howling Mine: In their first task during the trial period as an A.A.R.F agent the PC's have been asked to investigate the disappearance of strange glowing rocks found in an old mine just before it had an unexpected collapse. Can the PCs find the cause of the mining troubles and procure the rocks before they are lost forever? Maybe, but only if they first figure out which of the old legends about the Howling Mine hold bits of truth. 

    • Part 2, The Furmin Infestation: Legendary alchemist Dr. Victor Pennywhistle, leader of the dangerous Consortium of Rodentian Inventors, Mad-scientists, and Experimenters (C.R.I.M.E), has found a way to turn the Mouse-kin into mindless insectoid creatures he calls "furmin". Can the PCs find and stop him before the entire city of Nihhmm is destroyed forever?

    • Part 3, A Tundra of Fun: When the valuable painting and royal wedding gift "The Mooing Lisa" is stolen on it's way to a Republic palace, former A.A.R.F agent and Penguin-kin "Bow-tie" Bill Pepperwiggle  is believed to be responsible. Can the PC's find Bow-tie Bill and return the painting before the royal wedding is ruined or will A.A.R.F's reputation be ruined forever?

  • Surveys for the DM bundle adventure modules will be sent out in the next few weeks. 

  • Digital copies for the Novel and Coloring Book have been delivered via DriveThruRPG. If you didn't get one and believe you should have, email me at If you did get your materials, I'd be the happiest writer in the world if you could take a moment and leave a review on Amazon or DriveThru. We will be updating the files for both of these aspects of the project as changes get made, including adding any new art that we commission. 

  • We are signed up for Gen Con and will be running games on Thursday August 18th, Friday the 19th, and Sat the 20th. 

 November 28, 2016

 Happy Cyber Monday everyone. When I was a teacher back in Pennsylvania, this was one of my favorite days of the year, because  schools were closed for the opening of hunting season. I'm not a hunter, but a 5 day weekend after the holiday was always great! As for  new news, we're continuing to work through edits and layout work, finalizing new pages each day and working toward putting  everything together. Edits are taking a bit longer than I planned. Part of this is because we had to include an extra round of testing in  order to  work out some kinks with rules interactions, and part of it is they adventures and novel are both significantly longer than  planned. The  good news is that means more content to backers, but it looks like it would add in a slight bit of a delay. My original  estimate was getting  the project complete by December 16th, but now we're looking more like January for digital. Physical copies  will  depend on the  amount of proofs we need to order, but I expect they will ship one month post-digital release. 

 If you pledged at a level that allows you to create your own module ($400+), I will be collecting info around the end of December so that I  can start to formulate ideas and order the artwork. 

 There are two new pieces of art on my Facebook page today: the Sand Sprite, and the Furmin Nightstalker.

 Expect the next update around the Christmas holiday. 

 November 13, 2016

 Quick update for you today. The first aspects of the Anthro-Adventures project are reaching completion. The coloring book is finished,  and is  already uploaded to The novel has completed its developmental editing state and is back in for line edits. It  was  intended to be a 20,000 word book, right at the entry point for Mid-grade, but the story ended up being a bit more detailed and its at  32k  right now. The first sections of the World Guide have been sent to the two editors (one for language, one for rules). I've introduced  our content editor and designer Jake Murray a while back, but now I have the honor announcing that  J.L. Malone has joined the team.  Like myself, Malone is a graduate of Seton Hill's  M.F.A. program in Writing Popular Fiction. She's a fantastic Urban Fantasy writer that  has spent most of her life as a World of Darkness gamer, so she's helped bring a dark edge to the project and offsetting my desire to make  every encounter based in puns.

 We're all working hard to make that December goal. If you pledged at the level of $125, which allowed you to make an NPC in an  adventure, please make sure you fill out the Kickstarter survey! I'll send the next update will be on Black Friday in between bouts of  online shopping  and the new Gilmore Girls release on Netflix. Yes, i did just admit that. Have a great holiday! 

 October 31, 2016

 Hello Everyone and Happy Halloween. Just a quick update for you regarding where we are with Anthro-Adventures. Today we sent the  Coloring book out to the editors. It contains 26 pieces of unique line art to work with, as well as  a one page bio for each character  presented in order to give people a little slice of life on the continent of Layna. As well, the developmental edit on Reigning Cats and Dogs  will be complete by the end of the week and is on pace for its mid-December release. The first adventure, A Tundra of Fun, is complete,  fully tested and is now undergoing some layout work before being sent off to editing. The second adventure which was "A Dog  Dazed Knight" has been renamed "The Unhallow Pharaoh" in order to better match where we went with the plot structure. It is currently  in the beta testing phase. I'll be planning the third adventure out in the next week or two, so if you backed up at a level where you get to  create NPCs keep an eye out for a Kickstarter survey. Finally, the World Guide--the main book in this project--is coming along nicely. A  draft has been completely written, the rules have been tested, and now we're in the tedious part of laying it all out. This and the editing  that comes next, is some of the most difficult work we've encountered, as we do our best to deliver the most aesthetically pleasing and  mistake free product that we possibly can. We are still on track to have everything ready for a Mid-December digital release, though print  copies will depend on the quality and cleanliness of the proof which will be ordered near Thanksgiving. Thanks to everyone who has  supported the project over the past few months. We couldn't have done any of this without you. 

 August 21, 2016:

 Hey Everyone, hope you are all doing wonderfully during back to school season. This time of year always makes me feel a little nostalgic  for the classroom, especially seeing all my old colleagues posting pictures of their redesigned rooms. Maybe one day i'll head back to  teaching, but for now there's just too many projects that need to be completed. Luckily for me my girls, Arya and Piper, have discovered  the joys of building blanket forts and have left me alone to work while their mother is in school (only about 20 more months until she's a  practicing Veterinarian). So here's where we are right now:

 Anthro Adventures: The core rulebook is coming along quite nice. This week I finished rules for Mice, Raccoons, and Leopards. We'll  begin testing those classes this week, as well as running through a second beta test on the A Tundra of Fun adventure module. The novel,  Reigning Cats and Dogs has a completed cover (see left), and goes off to Cara Quinlan, an amazing freelance editor, at the beginning of  October. Oh, and perhaps the most important news, I've brought on another designer, Jake Murray, a twenty year veteran in the gaming  world. He's already come up with some fantastic new monsters that you're all going to love.

 Rosehaven: The third book of the series, tentatively named Rally of the Rebels, is currently in the drafting stage, with a possible release in  late 2017.

 The Misadventures of Gnipper the Gnome: The next episode of for everyone's favorite Gnome is in the works. It's titled Gnit-Wit Gnipper  and the Cheating Centaur. In this story Gnipper lets her new strength tonic fall into the wrong hands, and she needs to fix the problem  before the Centaur Games are ruined, and war breaks out between the herds. I'm hoping to get this to Illustrator Ana Santo in  September. 

 The Dudley Diaries: We don't have a new episode currently in the works for Dudley, but we love him and we'll be sure to return soon.

 The Wild Rover Mysteries: This new  series throws the fantastic privateer crew of the Wild Rover into some of histories greatest unsolved  mysteries. First two novels are scheduled for release in 2017.